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Gail grew up in a family of artists, surrounded by paintings, music and horses. Her confident and contemporary style is evidence of a childhood saturated with creativity. She draws inspiration from the people and places around her. The vast and diverse Australian landscape weaves its subtle presence into all her work. Her loose landscapes and florals are evidence of this. They offer a suggestion of form and structure, inviting the viewer in to interpret the story. 

She has a background in business and marketing and has developed multiple art events and learning platforms such as Art in the Valley, The Perth Art Studio, Artists Walking Group Perth, the JUST10 Group Exhibitions.


In 2021 she will be launching a new art-affilliated business Paccabag, where she has developed an Australian made, sustainable range of packaging products to protect artwork and paintings. 


2021 - I have a new project on the go. Sustainable packaging for artists. I wanted to reduce single-use plastic waste ending up in landfill and the oceans. I have spent the last few years developing a super strong, reusable art bag / sleeve for artists. It allows the wrapping material to be used over and over again. My business, Paccabag lauches in 2021. Sign up for info and the launch date HERE.

2018 - Ongoing. We have a permanent gallery at John St Cafe in Cottesloe. A fellow artist and myself curate the walls and rooms there. It is a lovely gallery space, a relaxing environment to view art at your leisure. Please pop in and visit, have a coffee and see contemporary art for Australian homes.

2017 - Preparation for the Affordable Art Fairs in the UK and working towards 5 shows later this year. Behind the scenes, Gail is busy with a new project - a professional development initiative for full-time artists - The Perth Artists Walking Group for studio-based artists. A 3 weekly program to walk and talk art, we share knowledge and resources on the move. 

2016 - UK representation with London shows and Art Fairs. New representation in Melbourne with the fabulous Tusk Gallery dream team and multiple Art Awards and Exhibitions through the year.

2015 - UK residency and show, gallery representation and an invitation to take part in an international art fair. She also developed a new art teaching platform the Perth Art Studio.

2014 - International exposure when selected by the Brookfield Art-Set-Free program to participate in a unique three month exhibition using a huge digital platform in New York, Houston and LA. Founded Art in the Valley, a bi-annual collective which offered 90 artists an opportunity to showcase their work in a self-managed framework.

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